Curled Toes and leg issues...

We had 2 chicks hatch on Christmas that hard curled toes. One had leg issues as well.

The second born chick with curled toes died 2 nights ago. Very sad.

Out of this batch we had 9 eggs. 4 didn't hatch at all and 1 didn't develop. That left us with 4 hatching. and 1 hatching that was from our very own Welsummers.

Our Wellie chick is doing great no issues at all.

Here is the story of the remaining chick with leg issues:

We are hatching Welsummer Chicks. They were due yesterday. This little guy came out Friday evening and his toes are curled. I didn't have any cardboard (until now) so I went ahead and put a band aid on his toes to straighten them out in the mean time. My concern is...he won't extend his leg. He keeps it close to his body (as you can see in the one pic were we make him stand) and won't stand up extending his legs. He lays on his side a lot instead of hunched down like most chicks naturally do. His hock looks slightly twisted and maybe swollen and there is a red area? I have another chick same batch with curled toes!

Do you think this is genetic?

Will this correct itself?

The other 4 eggs that were developing have not hatched. I hear nothing, no rocking. I am afraid that maybe this is genetic or maybe a vitamin issue and it caused the others that may be afflicted with the same issues no not even hatch.

Here are some pictures. What do you think?